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    Our Boys (owned and co-owned, active and retired, young and old)
Stud service to approved show-quality bitches only - outside bitches must be temporarily co-owned with me for the duration of the litter so I can control where the pups are placed - I don't want any money from the puppy sales but I want all pet pups to go out on spay/neuter contracts and intact show pups to either be kept by the bitch owner or go to established breeders on co-ownerships, only).
Dual Ch. Duchwood's Big Black Wolf MS  
(Duchwood's Webster MS [Ch. pts.] x Duchwood's Pebblestone MS, ROM [field pts.}) 
Wolfie is an elegant dog who is both a bench and field champion.  He was Reserve Winners Dog at the Dachshund Club of America National Specialty Show in 1998.  He has excellent ribbing and keel length, nice front and rear angles, and fabulous side movement.  He weights 12 lb. but seems to be a size reducer. His champion black/tan piebald son, Crosby (Duchwood's A First For Me MS) can bee seen below, and his champion daughter, Afton, (Duchwood's After Dark MS) is on the female page..  Wolfie carries the piebald gene recessively and may be bred one more time. 
Ch. Duchwood Sounds of Silence MSP  
(Kinder's Light Saber MS [ch. pts.] x Duchwood's Black Pepper MS [ch. pts.]) 
Silas, co-owned with Christine Goddard of YNot Dachshunds, won Reserve Winners Dog at the 2002 Dachshund Club of America's National Specialty show!  He is very heavy-boned and low-stationed, with lots of front and rear angles plus superb movement.   His pups look very promising (he has a champion wire piebald daughter) and have his heavy bone and wonderful movement. 
Ch. Duchwood's Phoenix MS  (field pts.)  
(Duchwood's Albomaculatus Nanus x Duchwood's Pebblestone MS, ROM [field pts.])  
The first male piebald dachshund in breed history to finish his championship is his brother, PI, bred by us and owned by Jean Jasinsky of Cedarhurst Kennels in Minnesota.  Phoenix is the second smooth piebald male dachshund to finish his championship.  He is a spectacular mover and passes on his movement to his pups, as well as his outgoing personality and long keel and ribbing.  He's well on his way to his field championship, too, and just needs a 1st place to finish.  He tends to be a size increaser (he weighs 11.5 lb) and so could be used in a standard piebald breeding program.  BAER tested 7/2/03 by Dr. George Strain, LSU - bilateral hearing perfect.
Ch. Duchwood's A First For Me MS  
(DCh. Duchwood's Big Black Wolf MS x Ch. Duchwood's Nutmeg MS) 
Crosby is a small, low-stationed boy with lots of angles and is a phenomenal mover.  He's co-owned and lives with Sherry Whitt.  Crosby has several litters on the ground (these breedings were NOT all approved by me) and has produced 4 champion offspring. FLASH! Crosby makes piebald history by taking Best of Variety at the Hoosier Dachshund Club Specialty Show under breeder/judge Ron Spritzer!
Kinder's Light Saber MS  (Ch. pt.) 
(Duchwood's Saber Blade MS x Field Ch. Duchwood's Starlight MS, CGC)  
Jedi is a very elegant black and tan piebald male with an outstanding head, front, and rear.  He is a spectacular mover.  He won only 1 champion point and was retired from the show ring since he disliked it so much.  He has turned out to be a wonderful producer, though, with 2 champion offpsring.  Jedi resided in Wisconsin with his co-owner, Jan Dubois, of Kinder Dachshunds, but has now been placed in a loving pet home.
Duchwood's Saber Blade MS (Ch. pts.) 
(Duchwood's Barney Rubble MS [Ch. pts.) x Duchwood's Panda MS [Ch. pts.]) 
Saber is a homebred, black and tan piebald male who has a few single show points.  He will probably not be campaigned to his breed championship as he gets so excited in the ring that he carries his tail way too high. However, he is a very good obedience dog and is ready to show in Novice B.  I've also started agility with him.   He is small (10.4 lb.) but has solid bone, an elegant head and forechest, and lots of front and rear angulation.  His puppies out of 3 different bitches are beautiful.
CH. Kinder's Dashing Gentleman MS (field pts.) 
(Ch. Duchwood's No Way Noah MS x FCH. Kinder's Demure Gray Lady MS, ME)  
Dash, a 9 1/2 lb. red male, started his show career with a bang by going Reserve Winners Dog at the National Miniature Dachshund Club's Expo Specialty Show in 1998 at the age of 9 months.  Dash is a great grandson of our very first dachshund, Ch. Duchwood's Tad of Doxdane MS, C.D.X., T.D., C.G., and his bright intelligence reminds us of Tad.  He's now starting to hunt like his mom, Demi.  He is neutered and retired from stud due to prostate problems.
Duchwood's All Decked Out MS, OA, NAJ    
(Duchwood's Saber Blade MS [Ch. pts.] x Duchwood's Little Belle MS)  
Decker is a tiny but solid 10.75 lb., mahogany red piebald male with heavy ticking and a feminine head.  He has excellent keel and rib length, nice front and rear angles, a dippy topline, and is just too darn cute (he knows it, too!).  He's not a show dog but is a dynamite agility dog with his Open Agility title and 1 Open Jumpers leg!  His champion son, Bryce (below), out of his first litter with Jazz, is just gorgeous, so Decker is now retired from stud.  Unfortunately, Decker is also retired from agility since he just went down in the back.  He had surgery, and we are hoping for a complete recovery.  Agility had nothing to do with him becoming paralyzed - genetics did.  He had not done any jumping in 4 weeks.
CH. Duchwood's Red Alert MS  
(Duchwood's All Decked Out MS x Ch. Duchwood's All That Jazz MS) 
Bryce (means "alert" in Celtic) is Corrie's grandson and is built much like her.  We're very excited about this 12.75 lb. red piebald boy.  He is a powerful mover, totally sound coming and going, has long ribbing and keel, a beautiful head, and a winning personality.  He finished his AKC breed championship with 3 majors (4 pts., 5 pts., 5 pts.) and will now join his dad, Decker, in agility training.  His children out of 7 different females are outstanding - he now has 5 champion sons and 1 champion daughter.  Bryce is turning out to be quite a producer.  BAER tested 7/2/03 by Dr. George Strain, LSU - bilateral  hearing perfect.   *Pedigree* 
Ch. Duchwood's YNot Another MSP  
(Ch. Duchwood's Red Alert MS x Duchwood's Lindy Star Sapphire MS) 
Little AJ has his dad's fabulous front and a better rear than Bryce, plus he's smaller (10 lb) and lower to the ground.  He's a smooth moving machine like dad, too!  His head resembles his grandad, Decker.  AJ is co-owned and lives with Christine Goddard of YNot Dachshunds in Tennesee.  He just won Winners Dog at the National Miniature Dachshund Club's Mini-Expo, August 2004, a piebald first!  He finished his championship with his final major only 2 weeks later. His puppies from his first few litters look very promising but he is not a dominant stud like his dad.
Field Ch. Duchwood's Celtic Courage MS (Ch. pts.) 
(Ch. Ward's The Cowboy Way MS x Duchwood's Pixie Princess MS) 
Aidon is a solid red boy who finished his field championship and won an Absolute (the field equivalent of Best in Show or High in Trial)!  He's a dynamite hunter and also has several conformation ch. points.  He's heavy-boned, with a wonderful, strong rear, but could use more keel and ribbing length and better shoulder layback.  He'll be working in tracking and obedience while also competing as a field champion.  He carries the piebald gene recessively and produces pretty puppies - see Casper and Pierce below.
NEW CH. Duchwood's Cast in Stone MS  
(Duchwood's Rubystone MS x FCh. Duchwood's Celtic Courage MS [ch. pts].)  
"Casper" has an outstanding body with a perfect topline, great front and rear angles, and long ribbing and keel.  His head is OK, eyes a little round and his ears are a little high-set, and his feet could be a little tighter and heavier boned.  He is a fabulous mover. Casper is also proving to be an enthusiastic hunter and will be shown in field trials this fall for his field championship. He weighs 11.0 lb.
Ch. Duchwood's Pierce Arrow MS  
(FCh. Duchwood's Celtic Courage MS x Ch. Duchwood's Nutmeg MS)   
"Pierce" is a beautiful boy, though rather large (11.75 lb.), with a stunning head.  He has tons of front and rear angles and a good topline.  Ribbing and keel could be longer, but he is a wonderful mover.    Pierce does not carry the piebald gene recessively.  His puppies from his first litters are outstanding (see Raven and Callum).
New Canadian Ch. Duchwood's Far And Away MS  
(Ch. Duchwood's Red Alert MS x Duchwood's Lindy Star Sapphire MS) 
Fargo is AJ's brother, and has gone on co-ownership to Admindac Kennels in British Columbia.   He's a flashy, handsome, large boy with lots of angles, a showy personality, and a pretty head.  He just finished his Canadian championship and his first pups look promising.  He has some Hound Group placements in Canada.
(Ch. Dynadaux Aint Jus Whistlin Dixie MS x Duchwood's Little Pixie MS)  
"Niles" is a gorgeous, small (10.8 lb.), black/tan boy with lots of front and rear angles.  He has a beautiful head and a nice prominent forechest.  He may or may not carry the piebald gene.  He stayed small and is a lovely mover.  Although he has recovered from a very nasty infection of unknown origin, he can no longer be shown in the breed ring.  He will be trained in agility and obedience and will hopefully produce outstanding pups. 
Admindac It's Hardly Done MS 
(Can. Ch.Grandgables Bean And Done It MS x Can. Ch. Duchwood's A Southern Girl MS) 
"Harley" has arrived from Canada from his breeder, Darrin Pettitt!  He is a stunning, mahogany red boy with good bone, lovely front and rear angles, a handsome head, and a perfect topline, but has a high tail set.  He is a nice blend of English and U.S. bloodlines, and we are excited about showing him this year if we can get him to keep his tail down..  Harley weighs 9.45 lb. at 10 months of age.
NEW Ch. Duchwood's Count Cameron MS  
(Can. Ch. Pawprints Grandgables Edition MS x DCh. Duchwood's All That Jazz MS) 
Cameron is a gorgeous boy with lots of front and rear angles, a stunning head, dead level topline, and floaty movement.  He is a little short in ribbing and keel.  He finished his championship quickly.  We feel he will be Specials quality when mature.  Cameron weighs 11 lb. at 1 year of age.  PEDIGREE 
Duchwood's Lord Lennox MS (ch. pts.)  
(DCh. Duchwood's All That Jazz MS x Can. Ch. Pawprints Grandgables Edition MS)  
Lennox is smaller than his brother, Cameron, and has a truly perfect shoulder assembly with tons of layback AND a long upper arm.  His topline is perfect and he has tons of rear angles.  Ribbing and keel length could be longer but will improve with age.  He has just now started growing into his angles and looks like he will have a floaty trot.  He is going to be an outstanding show dog and will finish his championship easily.  He is co-owned and lives with Lauren Richardson in Florida.
Duchwood's Funny Fellow MS 
(Ch.Duchwood's Red Alert MS x Duchwood's Stepping Stone MS) 
Jester is a gorgeous, small boy who is a wonderful mover.  He has a perfect topline, lots of rear angles, a pretty head, and a good tail set.  He could use more bone and should tighten up in the elbows as he matures.  He just took Reserve Winners Dog at the Hoosier Dachshund Specialty under breeder/judge Ron Spritzer, at the age of 8 months.  Jester has gone to live with Nancy Edwards, Nanlou Kennels, in Massachusetts, on co-ownership.
  Duchwood's Buyonegetonefree MS 
(Ch. Duchwood Sounds of Silence MSP x Duchwood's Magic Crystal MS) 
Byron is a clone of his dad with a little more elegance at 13 weeks of age.  He has a wonderful shoulder assembly, perfect topline and tail set, lots of rear angles, and a gorgeous head.  His ribbing and keel could be longer.  We are excited about this handsome boy who will be staying here as a show puppy.   Pedigree 
Duchwood's Calculated Risk MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Pierce Arrow MS x Duchwood's Rubystone MS) 
Callum is going to be a small (about 10 lb.) boy and is a piebald carrier.  He carries a dead level topline when moving, has wonderful ribbing and keel length, and nice front and rear angles.  He could have tighter front feet and more forechest.  I really do not need another boy so he is available on co-ownership to a show home.
Duchwood's Rave Review MS (5 ch. pts., 1 major) 
(Ch. Duchwood's Pierce Arrow MS x Duchwood's Riverdance MS) 
Raven is a drop dead gorgeous boy, although large (13 lb at 11 months).  His conformation is near perfect, though, and he's a wonderful mover with a superb personality.  We have been waiting for him to fill out and mature but we will start showing him in December.  FLASH!  Raven gets a major and major reserve in his first show weekend!
(Ch. Duchwood's Cast In Stone MS x Ch. Grandgables Justa GoGo Bean MS)
Duchwood Fields of Stone MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Cast In Stone MS x Duchwood's Little Robin MS) 
Granite is a clone of his dad, Casper.  He is co-owned with Dianne Pickard, Beau Rivage Dachshunds, in North Carolina.  His mom needs to send me a picture in show pose.

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