updated 12/15/04
These pups will be kept here and raised until they are at least 6 months old.  They will be available at 6 months of age or older to established show breeders if they still look as if they will be finishable.  Those which have been tentatively reserved pending maturation are noted. ALL SHOW PUPS ARE SOLD ON CO-OWNERSHIPS, ONLY.  The ones that don't turn out for show will be available to performance homes - i.e. those doing agility, obedience, field trials, and/or earthdog trials with their dogs.  Performance prospects are sold outright on spay/neuter contracts.
CALLUM at 8 months 
(Duchwood's Rubystone MS x Ch. Duchwood's Pierce Arrow MS) 

Date of Birth:  December 19, 2003 

See Darcy's Pedigree link below for Callum's pedigree.  They are littermates. 

Callum has turned out to be a gorgeous boy who should weigh under 11 lb at maturity. He has lots of front and rear angles and a level toplne.  His ribbing and keel length are decent and his head is beautiful.  His only fault are his front feet, which are rather flat.  He is fine at dog shows with people and big dogs and noise.  He's crate-trained, lead-trained, stacks well, and travels well.  He carries the piebald gene recessively.  He is available to a show home for $600 on a co-ownership contract 

    "Archie" - available as either a show prospect on co-ownership or as a pet.      Duchwood's Archstone MS 
(Duchwood's Stepping Stone MS x Ch. Duchwood's Red Alert MS)  

Date of Birth:  December 5, 2003  

 Litter Pedigree 

"Archie" will be dark, mahogany red and will be under 11 lb at maturity; good topline, nice shoulder assembly with prominent forechest, ribbing and keel length OK, lovely rear angles, handsome head, good bite, nice tight feet; lovely smooth mover with a level topline; potential show prospect available for $600 on a co-ownership.  He is a piebald carrier.  Or he can go as a pet for $450 on a neuter contract.


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