Prices reduced on some horses for quick sale!
I'm a sucker for horses at kill sales, so I now have too many for my pasture to support.

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Rockin' Rebeaux
Breed - Registered JC Thoroughbred
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Eventing or Dressage
Date of Birth - 5/30/94
Height -  16 hands
Color - black bay with white star and 2 white hind anklets (will look black if kept stalled)
Price - $4,500  - Price reduced to $3,500 for quick sale!

Rebeau does training level dressage and is a pretty decent mover.  I've only jumped him 2.5 feet, but he has the scope to go much higher.  He seems to enjoy jumping and is very brave going x-country.  He is in training as an event horse.  Water and ditches don't bother him and he is a good trail horse.  He is not spooky at all and is totally safe for anyone who knows how to ride and has steady hands.  You can do anything to him on the ground, he trailers well, has no vices, and is very sweet and friendly.



Breed - Registered JC Thoroughbred
Sex - Mare
Potential:  Eventing, Hunter or Dressage
Date of Birth - 4/18/99
Height -  16 hands
Color - bright red chestnut, with 4 white stockings and white blaze on face
Price - $1,500

Reagan is a stunning mare.  She won some money as a race horse, retired sound (has been pin fired which is common with most race horses down here), and apparently raised 1 foal prior to my buying her from a kill sale.  She is an easy keeper who stays fat on just pasture.  She doesn't know anything but can walk, trot, and canter pretty calmly in both directions in the ring and has willingly gone over tiny crossrails.  Just pull her in from the pasture to ride.  She is blazing fast when running free in the pasture and I can see her as an event horse as she has a ton of stamina plus a very floaty dressage trot.  I can also see her as a very elegant hunter.  She is not for a beginner simply because she's very green and has only known how to race so she wants to go.  She is not spooky and is safe to work around on the ground.  She's sound with no vices and currently is not shod.  Her price is low now since it has been too hot for me to ride and put some training in her.  Her price will go up this fall once I start riding her.


Breed - Registered in the Appaloosa Horse Club, can probably be registered as a half-Arab
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Eventing, Dressage, Trail, Endurance, Parades
Date of Birth - 4/26/2001
Height -  15.2 hands barefoot, still growing
Color - gray appaloosa, can faintly see small, scattered body spots on his skin under his hair
Price - $1,500

CJ is a big, stout boy who is very sweet with a kind eye.  His mother was pure Arab so he has a more refined head which is quite cute with all those freckles.  He is very sane and sensible and not spooky.  At the sale they said he had been ridden on the streets in New Orleans in parades.  He clearly has had some Western training as he does neck rein, and appears safe for anyone to ride.  In the video clips his gaits might look uneven but that is because he was fussing with the bit (French snaffle) and had probably never worn a flash noseband before.  Despite his fussing with the noseband, his gaits never changed speed and were quite steady.  He picked up his correct leads each time and has a very comfy canter.  He readily walked over the little crossrails the first time I pointed him at them. Good ground manners and probably safe for anyone to ride.  Trailers well.  Big bones, good hooves (not shod).   My husband can hop on him in the pasture and ride him around bareback with just a halter and leadrope.  We also tried him with Western tack and a western curb bit and he does just fine with that.

 CJ walking
 CJ trotting
 CJ cantering



Breed - Unknown - Grade Palomino
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Eventing, Dressage
Date of Birth - 1999
Height -  15.3 hands barefoot
Color - palomino (will be dark gold if kept up), white blaze on face, white mane and tail
Price - $2,500

Yukon, a big, sweet guy, came from a kill sale and was very dehydrated when we got him.  That's why he looks so tucked up in the pictures as we took the pics the day after he came home.  He has gained about 100 lbs in about 5 weeks.  He has large, floppy ears which are just adorable.  He is totally safe for anyone to ride.  Excellent ground manners.  Trailers well, sound, no vices.  Good solid hooves - currently barefoot.  He has apparently had extensive training, probably Western pleasure as he carries his head low and neck reins, but maybe some English as he seems to understand bit contact.  He has a big overstride (8 inches) at the walk and a HUGE 12" overstride at the trot.  His walk feels like a camel's gait because it is so big.  His trot is springy and his canter is very comfy.  He picks up his correct leads each time in both directions and it feels balanced in both directions.  I don't think he's ever jumped before, but he was very willing to try even though he didn't quite know what to do with his feet.  This is one neat guy that I can see as an combined training horse or as a dressage horse. His price will only go up this fall as I put more training into him.

 Palomino walking
 Palomino walking 2
 Palomino trotting
 Palomino trotting 2
 Palomino cantering
 Palomino cantering 2
 Palomino jumping tiny jumps
 Palomino jumping again

Breed - Registered JC Thoroughbred
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Dressage, Jumping
Date of Birth - 1992?
Height -  17 hands
Color - Liver Chestnut with 2 white hind socks
Price - $5,000 - Price reduced to $3,500 for quick sale!

Never raced.  Does First level dressage, schooling 2nd level.  Very light in the bridle.  Jumps 3 ft. with scope to go higher and has evented, and won,  Pre-Novice Horse Trials.  Trail rides just fine with other horses.  Not spooky but does not want to get too far from other horses so probably not suitable for further eventing.  Totally comfortable in any dressage or jumping arena, however.  Not spooky.  Has 3 nice gaits.  He needs an intermediate rider with soft hands.   Can do anything to him on the ground.  Clips, loads, ties.  Very sweet and friendly - follows you around in the pasture.  No vices.  Very low jumping mileage as I haven't had time to ride him. Easy keeper - stays fat on just pasture.


 Schooner walking
 Schooner trotting
 Schooner cantering
 Schooner jumping 2'6

Breed - Thoroughbred/Percheron cross
Sex - Gelding
Date of Birth - 1999
Height -  16.1 hands
Color - bright bay with white star and right hind white sock
Price - $8,000 firm

Training:  Walk, trot, canter, low jumps.  Green but has lovely gaits for dressage.  Good on trails, no spook or buck.  Trailers well, clips with no twitch.  Very sweet and friendly.  Can pull him out of the pasture and get on with no lunging, but does know how to lunge.  Three fabulous gaits.  Good dressage and/or event prospect.  Have jumped him over small cross-country fences and large training level ditches with water.  Very brave and willing but not a "classic" jumper.  Seems to do better as the fences get higher.  He has wonderful hooves and was never shod until recently since I wanted to jump him more.   Can ride him barefoot on gravel.  He is a mild cribber but will not even try to crib at all with his plain strap on. Easy keeper - stays fat on just pasture.


Breed - Registered JC Thoroughbred
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Jumper or Event Prospect
Date of Birth - March 13, 1997
Height - 16.0 hands
Color - black bay w/star, sock on rt. hind
Price - $2,500 - Price reduced to $1,800 for quick sale!


Classy apparently raced, then was trained for jumping and appeared at a kill sale after suffering a high suspensory tendon injury.  I purchased him 2 years ago and turned him out for a year to recover as per the vet's suggestion.  He has recovered completely and I rode him quite a bit in 2004.  He apparently never had correct flat training and was very tense when I tried to do dressage with him; however, this has been steadily  improving with slow, quiet work and lots of rein yields.  He LOVES to jump, has quite good form over his fences, understands combinations and distances, and is easy to stay with in the air.  He is safe to work around on the ground, is a good trail horse, and has no vices.  He does not do auto changes but seems to be quite athletic and will usually do a flying change to the correct lead.  I can see him as a jumper, or even an event horse if his dressage continues to improve.  He's actually a very nice mover once he relaxes.  I showed him once in 2004 at a local indoor jumper show and he seemed to be very brave given that I had not been able to even school in the arena prior to the classes.  He is not for a beginner rider simply because of his tenseness and soft mouth.  He does not buck or rear and you can pull him out of the pasture, even after not being ridden for months, throw the saddle on him and ride safely.
 Classy walking
 Classy trotting
 Classy cantering
 Classy jumping
 Classy jumping2
 Classy jumping3

Breed - Thoroughbred
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Hunter/Jumper Prospect, Event Prospect
Date of Birth - 1995?
Height - 16.0 hands
Color - bay, white left hind ankle
Price - $1,500


Sidney came from a kill sale from a farm going out of business which could not afford to feed its horses.  Vet says he just turned 9 years old and has raced but appears sound with very clean legs.  He's cute, sweet and safe to work around on the ground.  He's fine for the farrier, loads well, and stands tied quietly for hours.  He's very calm to ride and apparently has had some sort of Western pleasure training, since he knows rein yields, leg yields, picks up the correct canter lead each time, and is light in the bridle.  He is now trotting 2-ft fences (see photo of his very first 2-foot fence) and has never refused a fence.  He figures out combinations quickly. He has now jumped all of my little cross-country fences like RR ties and barrels and ditches, and is a blast to ride.  He has a lovely rocking chair canter that is balanced in both directions.    He's a great trail horse - very calm and not spooky, goes through anything (water, mud), jumps logs, does't care if the other horse gets ahead or blasts by him.  He's a good prospect for someone who wants a clean slate for any kind of hunter/jumper, dressage, or event training.  He's quite a cute mover, very athletic, and adorable under tack.  This is a totally neat horse to ride. He learns fast and does not mind you carrying 2 dressage whips. I'm beginning to think I need to keep this guy for myself as he is such fun!

 Sidney walking
 Sidney trotting

Breed - Thoroughbred
Sex - Gelding
Potential:  Hunter/Jumper/Equitation/ Event Prospect
Date of Birth - 1999
Height - 17.0 hands
Color - bay
Price - $8,000 - Price reduced to $7,000 for quick sale!


This is a VERY fancy hunter type of horse.  Striker apparently raced but we have no papers for him.  The white marks on his front legs are probably from being pin fired.  He was purchased at a kill sale because he had horrible, untreated, barbed wire wounds on his front pasterns.  They were just flesh wounds, and with a lot of work, they healed beautifully.  He is totally sound, very sweet, has no vices and trailers well.  Striker has apparently had quite a bit of training as he is dead quiet to ride, and jumps beautifully.  He goes around at a steady hunter pace and never gets fast at his jumps.  He always lands on the correct lead and does both flying changes and auto changes.  I've only jumped him 2'6", but he certainly has the scope to go higher and seems to enjoy jumping.  He would make a great equitation mount as he is very easy to stay with in the air.  He is also doing well with dressage training and might make a great event horse since nothing seems to rattle him at all.  On the very first trail ride I ever took him on, a wagon pulled by 2 mules wearing bells accompanied by a bunch of drunk riders galloping by did not bother him in the least!  He stood quietly and just watched.  He crosses creeks just fine and jumps large, water-filled ditches.  He's safe to work around and should be safe for an advanced beginnier to ride, but certainly fun for an advanced rider as well.  You can pull him in out of the pasture, throw a saddle on him, and just ride without worry of bucking or silliness.

Breed:  Thoroughbred (raced but no JC papers)
Sex:  Gelding
Date of Birth: 1996?
Hunter, Event, Lesson Prospect
Height:  15.2 hands
Color:  Bright bay, white right front coronet band, white full blaze (connected star, strip, snip)
Price:  $1,200 prior to training - Price reduced to $900 for quick sale!


Tali came from a kill sale and is a very solidly built guy who is non-spooky.  He knows nothing except basic walk and trot, and has to be run into a canter, but he is very willing.  He seems to understand rein yields, turn on the forehand, backing up, and leg yields, so he probably had some form of basic Western training in his past.  He jumped willingly the first time I ever rode him and pointed him at a cross rail, and he figured out a 2-jump combination very quickly. As an ex-race horse, he likes to go, and will grab the bit and trot fast if you pull on him.  But he'll also round up and get on the bit with some work.   He's a good project horse who I think will learn his job quickly.  His ground manners seem fine, and he stands tied quietly for hours.  He also self loads into a trailer, so he's apparently been places in his life.  His price is low prior to training.

 Tali trotting

Breed:  Thoroughbred (tattooed but no JC papers)
Sex:  Mare
Date of Birth:  1994?
Height:  15.3 H
Color - bay, white star, strip, snip, both front pasterns
Event/Dressage/Lesson Horse/Hunter
Price:  $1,500 - price reduced to $1,000 for quick sale!


I picked up this mare at a kill sale.  She came from a barn that burned down and went out of business.  She was apparently used as a lesson horse/lease horse for children and novice adults and knows some dressage and jumping.  She is very elegant in person with a floaty trot and is very sweet.  She'll come right up to you in the pasture and loads well.  She appears to know some dressage and she jumps, but she has obviously been spoiled by kids and needs some attitude adjusting.  A few good kicks and I got her going really well, so she just seems to need a firm hand.  Her price is low prior to me finding out how much she really knows.  It's too darn hot to ride right now.  She's sound with no vices; not spooky at all.  Ties just fine.  Stays fat on just pasture.  I can see her as an event horse or as a really elegant hunter.  Safe for anyone who knows how to ride.  No need to lunge - just get on her and ride.

 Laila walking
 Laila trotting
 Laila cantering
 Laila jumping tiny jumps

Make My Day 
Breed:  Thoroughbred (tattooed but no JC papers)
Sex:  Gelding
Date of Birth:  2001
Height:  15.3 1/2 H
Color:  Bright chestnut with white blaze and left front pastern
Potential:  Event/Hunter/Jumper Prospect
Price:  $1,500

I picked up "Clint" at a kill sale.  He was just too slow at the track.  He appears to be sound with very clean legs.  He still looks like a baby even though he is 4, so I think he still has more growing to do and will probably reach 16.0 H.  He rides quietly and seems to round up nicely and get on the bit naturally.  He picks up his correct leads in both directions.  He's very sweet and affectionate and will come up to you in the pasture.  He appears to be very athletic and will make a nice event prospect or a flashy hunter.  The first time I put him in front of some tiny crossrails he jumped them beautifully.  His price is low prior to training.  He is a hard keeper and does not do well on just pasture.


  Carmen, the barn cat - not for sale!

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